Play With Clay on the Potters Wheel

This one and a half hour class will take you from a ball of clay to your very own cup or bowl! You will learn the basic techniques needed to center the clay and form a pot. It's fun, it's mesmerizing and something you will remember for a lifetime.

A good attitude and the ability to use both hands is required. You can keep all or none of the pots that you make.

If you would like the pots to be fired & shipped to you, there is a fee of $10/pot paid upon the arrival of the pieces by USPS. (Shipping to the US only)

Wear clothes that you don't mind getting some clay on! We do provide towels to keep most of the mess off of you. Also, long nails make the process very difficult!

The ability to use both hands and to sit on a low stool is required.

Be aware that two cats live in the studio!

Private Instruction

Make your own curriculum of study. Want to throw larger, make a specific form or learn to Raku fire. You choose your adventure! 

Throwing - $60/hr 

Raku Firing - $200/day

Play with Clay - $90/pp

Book a lesson.

Call/Text for additional times.